NPG Records, 1994

Prince has a long history of nurturing both established artists and emerging protéges by helping them to release their music, and in 1994 he started shifting his attention away from his Warner Bros. Records imprint, Paisley Park Records, to establish a new and completely independent label called NPG Records.

One of the album's first releases, 1-800-NEW-FUNK, was a compilation that showcased the talent that Prince had been working with in recent years, and it comprised artists from both his Paisley Park Records and NPG Records rosters. By the early 1990s, his Paisley Park Studios had become a hotbed of studio activity, and 1-800-NEW-FUNK showcased Prince-produced recordings by artists like the funk pioneer George Clinton, gospel singer Mavis Staples, protéges Nona Gaye and Mayte, and Prince's own groups Madhouse and the NPG.

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