Apollonia 6 - Apollonia 6

Warner Bros. Records, 1984

When Denise Matthews left Vanity 6 — and, in the process, left the filming of Prince’s new movie, Purple Rain — Prince moved quickly to find a new singer and actress who could front his all-female band. Of the many women who auditioned for the role in September 1983, the young model Patricia Kotero stood out to Purple Rain's producers as a natural fit for the role of Prince’s leading lady. Soon she was not only flying to Minneapolis to star in the film but was learning the songs she would sing as the frontwoman of the new trio Apollonia 6 under her new stage name, Apollonia.

She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. ”

Prince, Ebony, 1986

Prior to the lineup change, Prince had already begun work on a second album for Vanity 6 — but aside from the single “Sex Shooter,” he abandoned many of the demos that were intended for that group and wrote entirely new songs for Apollonia 6. The two other members of Vanity 6, Bridget Bennett and Susan Moonsie, remained in the project and performed alongside Apollonia on the album and in the film, Purple Rain.

Apollonia 6 Album Credits

Apollonia vocals Brenda Bennett vocals Susan Moonsie vocals Prince all instruments Susannah Melvoin backing vocals Brown Mark backing vocals Sheila E. drums, percussion Lisa Coleman keyboards, backing vocals Wendy Melvoin guitar Jill Jones backing vocals

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