The New Power Generation - Exodus

NPG Records, 1995

Exodus is the second album to be credited solely to the New Power Generation, despite featuring the songwriting, playing and vocals of Prince. While the New Power Generation's first album, Goldnigga, featured Tony Mosley as the lead vocaist and had a hip-hop feel, Exodus took things in a decidedly funkier direction and heavily featured the vocals of NPG bassist Sonny Thompson.

Exodus ... you can look at in a lot of different ways. It's an exit from a lot of things, an exit from a way of thinking and a way of doing things to do something new. ”

Mayte, The Sunday Show, 1994

Exodus Album Credits

Sonny T.vocals, bass guitar Prince vocals, various instruments Michael B. drums, vocals Tommy Barbarella piano, Purpleaxxe, vocals Mr. Hayes keyboards, vocals Mayte vocals The New Power Generation Hornz (Michael B. Nelson, Kathy Jensen, Dave Jensen, Brian Gallagher, Steve Strand) horns Eric Leeds saxophone, flute Mike Scott guitar Eric Bradford vocals James McGregor vocals Kathleen Bradford vocals Michael Bradford vocals Denis Boder electric violin The Steeles (Jevetta Steele, Jearlyn Steele, JD Steele, Fred Steele) vocals Brother Jules scratches Levi Seacer, Jr. shouts Kimm James vocals Rain Ivana "NPG Operator"

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