Ingrid Chavez - May 19, 1992

Paisley Park Records, 1991

Prince and Ingrid Chavez first met over a shared love of words. At Prince's suggestion, the pair collaborated on a poetry album that was completed over a short period of time at Paisley Park in 1987, when Prince was beginning work on the album Lovesexy. Ingrid brought 21 new poems into the studio and read them into a microphone while Prince improvised on the synthesizer, laying down all the initial tracks for her album, May 19, 1992, in a single recording session.

Prince would eventually re-record the backing music for several of the songs in the spring of 1991, just a few months before it was released by his Paisley Park Records label. In addition to the six tracks that feature Prince, several of the songs on the May 19, 1992 were re-recorded by Ingrid before their release.

Prince had this ability to see creative potential in a person before they saw it in themselves. He made me feel better as a writer than I felt about myself.”

Ingrid Chavez, Rolling Stone, 2016

May 19, 1992

Ingrid Chavez vocals Prince various instruments

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