The Time - Pandemonium

Paisley Park Records / Reprise Records, 1990

When the Time disbanded in 1984 shortly before the debut of the film that would make them world-famous, Purple Rain, many thought that their hit album Ice Cream Castle would be their last. But in 1990, the band was poised to make a big comeback: not only had Morris Day, Jerome Benton, and their bandmates in the Time been cast as co-stars in Prince's new movie, Graffiti Bridge, but their on-screen reunion would be accompanied by a new album, Pandemonium.

Arguably the best funk band of the '80s, the Time is now the best funk band of the '90s — so far anyway — with a recent Top 20 album and a Top 10 single, 'Jerk Out.'”

Dennis Hunt, Los Angeles Times, 1990

Pandemonium was the most collaborative album to be recorded by the Time, with all of the members of the live band contributing playing to the album for the first time. As with previous albums, Prince also contributed songwriting and playing to the album, but several of the songs were written collaboratively between Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Jesse Johnson.

The album's hit single, "Jerk Out," was in the works for over a decade. Originally written and recorded by Prince in 1981 around the time he was working on the Time's second album, What Time is It?, it was pulled out of the vault and reworked by Prince in 1985 before being abandoned again. In 1989, it was given to Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Morris Day for additional recording, and finally released when Pandemonium hit stores in 1990.

"Jerk Out" became a number 1 hit on the R&B charts and broke into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, while Pandemonium reached number 9 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart and number 18 on the pop chart. The album sold over 500,000 copies and was certified gold by the end of 1990.

I did this project so I could work with my buddies again. ”

Morris Day, Los Angeles Times, 1990

Pandemonium Album Credits

Morris Day vocals Prince vocals** various instruments Jellybean Johnson drums, vocals Jesse Johnson guitar, vocals Jimmy Jam keyboards, vocals Monte Moir keyboards, vocals Terry Lewis bass guitar, vocals Jerome Benton percussion Candy Dulfer saxophone Stella vocals Grace vocals Blondie vocals Karyn White vocals Margie Cox vocals Jill Jones vocals Wendy Melvoin Lisa Coleman vocals Sir Casey Terry vocals

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