The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)

NPG Records | Legacy Recordings, 2019

The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) was originally a limited edition promotional-only cassette of previously unreleased material given to attendees of the Versace runway at Paris Fashion Week in July 1995. A first glimpse of Prince's upcoming The Gold Experience, the cassette featured remixed versions of future favorites "P. Control," "Gold" and "Eye Hate U" as well as rare unreleased music by The New Power Generation, The NPG Orchestra, and Prince's jazz-fusion project Madhouse.

Many tracks—not available in the same form elsewhere—were remixed or edited specifically to make The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) its own seamless sonic universe and an extremely rare, highly sought-after Prince collectible. Shortly before it was reissued in 2019, Discogs reported that an original copy of The VERSACE Experience promo tape had become the most expensive cassette ever sold through the music collector site.

A reproduction of The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) cassette was released in limited quantities for Record Store Day 2019. Later that year, The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) was made widely available for the first time on digital, CD, and vinyl formats by Legacy Recordings and The Prince Estate, at the same time that Prince's 1996 albums Chaos and Disorder and Emancipation were reissued.

Track listing:

  1. "Pussy Control" (Club Mix) (Edit)
  2. "Shhh" (X-cerpt)
  3. "Get Wild in the House" (The NPG)
  4. "Eye Hate U" (Remix)
  5. "319" (X-cerpt)
  6. "Shy" (X-cerpt)
  7. "Billy Jack Bitch"
  8. "Sonny T." (X-cerpt) (Madhouse)
  9. "Rootie Kazootie" (Edit) (Madhouse)
  10. "Chatounette Controle"
  11. "Pussy Control (Control Tempo)" (Edit)
  12. "Kamasutra Overture #5" (The NPG Orchestra)
  13. "Free the Music" (The NPG Orchestra)
  14. "Segue"
  15. "Gold" (X-cerpt)

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